Fear lurks below

You think you know fear? Try peeing while standing up at 3am and see a spider, the size of a silver dollar, run across the floor like a bat fresh out of hell, and stop just to look up at you with its eight beady little eyes glistening in the light. Now tell me you wouldn’t run out of that bathroom, mid-pee, screaming like a manly girl. Go ahead… I dare you… Just remember that the slight itch on your lower right leg is just a stray hair and not an eight-legged demon crawling up your leg, ready to inject venom of pure nightmares into your thigh. Sleep well!

Written by a man who peed on everything while attempting to flee the house after discovering such a horrifying creature crawling out from under HIS BLOODY SHORTS!!!




I told him to say “Cheese” but I think the little hell spawn was camera shy.

Random drawing 1

This is the latest attempt at drawing an actual person. It’s not all that great and doesn’t really look like the person I used as the “model”. I was inspired to draw her because of her eyes, so hopefully my drawing has something close to the same feel as the originals. The model will remain anonymous…

I’ll try to post more drawings soon if I can. My current style of drawing is inspired by Tim Burton, but I’m still practicing.001.JPG

Obtaining a driver’s license

Yes, I’m 26 and I still can’t drive. No one has ever taught me and those who did try did so by yelling and causing me a lot of stress. (Not very safe to be scared and freaking out while learning to drive on a highway.) So after all these years no one has helped me even when they said they would. Which forces me to look to strangers for help. I can’t pay for it myself because I’m still looking for a job and my savings from my previous job is running uncomfortably low. So I made a Gofundme thing to help raise some money so that I can pay for some driving lessons. There is more information on the sight for you to read more. If you can’t help with any donations, then I’d greatly appreciate it if you could share the link so that more people can find it. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you…


Embarrassing myself

Hello again! This video was recorded a year ago. I recently added the text and uploaded it to Youtube. I still can’t quite figure out how to get the video the way I want it though. (There’s a black frame around it that I’m having trouble getting rid of.) Anyway, I thought I’d share it here so that people have an idea of what my sillier side is like. I hope you enjoy!


I happen to have a little Yorkie named Abby. She’s been moping around lately and sleeping on the bottom step of the stairs. So, feeling bad that she’s sleeping on a hard surface, I go grab one of my shirts and place it on that step for her to have something softer to sleep on.

Now every single time I go downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and step on that shirt thinking for a split second that I stepped on her; I have a moment where I start cursing followed by a desire to destroy the shirt with fire.

The Roommate

Time…3:00am. Place…a cozy house in the land of ashes, or as the locals call it, Ashland.

The night started out as any other. Sitting on the couch talking to a dear friend on the other side of the world through a magical device called, a smart phone.

After the conversation came to a conclusion I decided to retire to my room. My roommate left for the night so I had the whole place to myself. For a moment I pondered on whether or not to shake my booty to “I am sexy and I know it”, but realized I was too tired for such shenanigans.

I needed to brush my teeth before getting my beauty rest. Once inside the bathroom I saw something that sent shivers up my spine. Red smears on the sink.

Looking closer I could see that someone clearly tried to remove the evidence of a crime. But no, the roommate I have know for weeks now couldn’t possibly do such a thing. I rushed over to the shower forcing the curtain to the side. Grabbing my hair in horror at the sight of the same red fluid. I couldn’t believe it. Not her…

Then it hit me… Turning around to look at the trash can I saw all the evidence I needed. Pieces of toilet paper and latex gloves stained in red. In the middle was a picture of a woman. Poor poor Loreal Paris.

Now I knew the source of all this…red. I collapsed onto the floor in horror at the shear fact that my roommate, the woman I have been living with for a few weeks…dyes…her…hair…

*loses consciousness*


Author: Roy Peak